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South Sudan
Africa encompassed
South Sudan a country in northeastern Africa, became an independent country in 2011. The country has the world’s 2nd largest animal migration of the antelopes but there’s no single tourist to see it therefore it’s considered a good place for ecotourism.
Jewel of Africa
This is a country in central Africa the second largest in all of Africa with a population of 105 million. The DRC has a number of unique tourist opportunities, including wildlife reserve, indigenous cultures and geological wonders not found anywhere else in Africa.
Land of Origins
Showcasing ancient history, picturesque landscapes, joyful festivals, and much more, Ethiopia has plenty of choices in store for the curious traveler. Its unique calendar, old alphabet, and numerical system are some of the things that set the country apart.
The sould of Africa
Tanzania & Zanzibar found in the Eastern part of Africa, it is home to some of Africa’s most famous National Parks and natural attractions, including majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest point in the country is in Mount Kilimanjaro highest mountain in Africa.
the masai community
Magical Kenya
Kenya is a beautiful country located in Africa with East Africa covering approximately 58,000 sq kilometers with a population of about 52, 570,000 million (2019). It encompasses savannah, Lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. Its home to wildlife like Lions, rhinos, elephants.
canopy walk in rwanda
The land of a thousand Hills
Rwanda a small landlocked country covering an area of 10,169 sq. miles which is a 1/3 the size of Belgium. It lies south of the Equator in the heart of Africa, being bordered by Uganda in the north and north east, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and democratic republic of Congo in the west.
gorilla tracking
The Pearl of Africa
Uganda is rich with diverse wildlife species and is unmatched on the continent as a bird watching destination. There are over 1000 bird species recorded in Uganda. Besides, the parks are also rich in Flora and Aqua fauna. Much of the south is heavily influenced by one of the world’s biggest lakes, Lake Victoria, which contains many islands.