What to know before you travel

From getting in and around the country to how and when you need to travel and what to pack.

Vital Travel Information to kee

We have prepared this information to help and guide you as you prepare for your trip booked with us. You do not have to worry after the on - touch lights.



PCR testing by all incoming and outgoing travelers at Entebbe International Airport adjusted as follows:

  1.  All inbound and outbound travelers will be required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, except for travelers aged 5 years and below
  2. Requirement for negative PCR test done within 72hours pre-boarding for all incoming travelers is suspended with immediate effective for those who are fully vaccinated
  3. Requirement for negative PCR test done within 72hours for all outbound travelers is suspended with immediate effect for those who are fully vaccinated, except where it is a requirement of destination country, or the carrier airline
  4. Travelers’ with partial or no vaccination will be required to present a negative PCR test done within 72hours of travel
  5. Travelers’ below 5 years are not required to present a negative PCR test upon arrival or departure


Wear of masks

  1. Fully vaccinated individuals will NOT be required to wear face masks when they are outdoors provided there are NO crowds
  2. When one is outdoors or in closed spaces like public transport, shops, schools and office where 2 meters distancing can’t be observed with other individual, is required whether one is vaccinated or not
  3. the vulnerable or high – risk population i.e. the elderly aged 50 years and above and people living with co-morbidities irrespective of age are advised to wear a face mask all times whether they are vaccinated or not

All tourists to ensure to upload all required documentation because only travelers with approved visas having applied online will be granted entry into the country. Online visa applications are made at https://visas.immigration.go.ug/ Single -USD50 or East Africa tourist -USD100


Most guests arrive by air, landing at Entebbe International Airport. The drive to/from Entebbe and Kampala City is approximately 45 minutes to 1hr. Transfers are organized to and from the airport for any size group.

Also check with your airline or your travel agent if you require a visa.


Several airlines service Uganda regularly including Uganda Airlines, Kenya Airways (KQ), RwandAir, Air Tanzania, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, South African Airways, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Egypt Airlines, and Brussels Airlines.

The companies offering domestic include Aerolink Uganda, Eagle Air and Fly KEA.


Main roads are generally good and recent and ongoing road works have much improved the road network in and around Kampala. Be prepared for long and bumpy car drives known 'The African Massage'!


The average temperatures are between 21ºC and 31ºC all year round. There are two rainy seasons from March to May and October to November. Temperatures in mountainous areas can go down to 10°C in certain months. Lodges and other facilities are open all year round. Any time of the year is good to visit Uganda


Occasional security issues may arise as in any other developing country. Pride Nature Safaris maintains up to date information on all parts of the country and we will advise clients accordingly at the time of booking, if any risks appear to be present. Basic precautions should be taken, as in all countries. It is not advised to show expensive jewelry, bags unattended. Most hotels have safe deposit boxes available

Health & Medical

Please bring all personal medications required, clients are fully responsible for securing adequate medical insurance. I highly recommend clients to cover their own travel insurance to protect them from heavy costs and medical bills if the worst does happen the right policy can be essential, therefore we do not have a specific one.

We use AMREF Flying Doctors offering evacuation cover; an Air ambulance cover for the tourist is only aimed at providing air evacuation services for members with serious medical conditions. The low cost charge for access to the scheme and quick response is based on the concept that the flight cost from the clients is eventually recovered from their insurance company overseas

Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease transmitted by mosquitoes except for high altitude mountains over 2000m; you cannot be vaccinated against malaria. Precautions are essential avoid mosquito bites by covering up with long sleeves and long trousers especially after sunset, using insect repellents on exposed skin and when necessary sleep under a mosquito net. Also check with your doctor for suitable anti-malarial tablets (malarone).

Vaccinations & Immunisation

Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for all travelers.

Other vaccines to consider Hepatitis B, Meningococcal Meningitis, Rabies, Typhoid It is recommended that you drink bottled or boiled water only sodas and alcoholic drinks are considered safe coffee and teas, as well as fresh fruit juices, are prepared with boiled water.


It is only polite to ask people before taking photographs but note photographs of military buildings or soldiers is not allowed.

Safari Equipment & Gadgets

Handy devices and gadgets that you will need on safari to capture precious sights and sounds or video. A camera, charger, extra batteries, memory card and binoculars are priority. In addition you will need the 3 pin UK style adapters but you are better off carrying convertible adaptor to make your charging easy while at the camp or lodge.


The currency in Uganda is the Uganda Shillings. US dollar, GB Pound and EURO are readily exchangeable. Large US dollar bills attract the best exchange rates. Currency exchange rates vary and are posted at all banks and forex bureaus around Kampala and in the local newspapers. The rates can be checked from Bank of Uganda website using this link


Cotton clothing augmented by a cardigan/sweater or jacket should be adequate during your stay in Uganda. In the mountainous areas, waterproof jackets, waterproof walking boots and heavy sweaters will be essential.

Gorilla Tracking

This is a tiring activity therefore one should be physically fit to enjoy gorilla trekking. Uganda Wildlife Authority ranger/guides will lead the group; porters are also available to carry personal belongings at a small fee of USD15. Minimum trekking age is fifteen years. Anyone with signs of transmissible disease like flowing nose and sneezing or cough will not be allowed to trek.


Electricity and piped/mains water supply may not always be available, though clients will always find a hot shower waiting for them after a day’s activity. In some places have eco toilets. With food you are assured of fresh produce and a variety of tropical fruits which taste so much better than canned foods