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Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa for reasons only you can find out when you come. We are the only country in Africa with very stable weather across the year. It is only in Uganda that you experience a bit of the other countries yet you are in one country. Uganda is where the savannah of East Africa meets the jungle of west Africa as a result one can track gorillas through luscious green rain forests one day and the next day marvel at lions prowling on the open plains of Queen Elizabeth national park. In the far northeast we will take you to Kidepo Valley National Park where you will see a great deal of animals and interact with the famous Karamojong communities.

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There is nothing better than waking up in a strange new place and enjoying the best adventures that are a world away from your normal routine. These ultimate experiences are what we have found to be the best of the best, and I hope these ideas inspire you to add a destination or two to your travel bucket list and to start checking them off!.

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If you're looking for your next travel destination but aren't quite sure where to go yet, consider a trip to Africa. A vast and highly diverse continent full of fascinating cultures, dramatic scenery and extraordinary animals, Africa offers some of the most incredible travel experiences in the world.

Many people who think about travelling to Africa think about a safari – but how easy is it to organise? Where do you go and when? What about accommodation? That’s where we come in. We tailor-make unforgettable trips to Africa.

4 Days Mountain Gorilla Safari
9 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari
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12 days Uganda Wildlife Safari- Kidepo Valley & Murchison Falls N.P

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7 days Uganda Batwa, Mt. Sabinyo, and Gorilla Tour
5 days Uganda Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary & Murchison Falls Tour
5 days Uganda Chimpanzee and Lake Bunyonyi Tour


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Look for opportunities to connect with locals. Take the time to meet people and learn from them directly. Don’t pass up the opportunity to hear directly from somebody who has lived in the place where you’re visiting for most of their life.

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